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M-12F Display

Size: 7"

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or a Sally Beauty Supply retail location.

A collection of Tropical Shine's top 12 files housed in an acrylic display. Display includes 12 pcs per file. (144 pcs total)

Additional Information:

Display Includes:
  • Pink File (Fine)
  • Blue File (Medium)
  • Black File (Coarse)
  • White Lightening File (Coarse)
  • White Lightening File (Medium)
  • White Lightening File (Fine)
  • Yellow Flash File (Extra Fine)
  • Green Flash File (Fine)
  • Orange Flash File (Medium)
  • Red Flash File (Coarse)
  • Long Lasting Zebra File (Medium)
  • Large 4-Way Buffer
144 pcs total

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