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Pumi Foot File Large

Item no. PB311-12

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The Original 10" combo foot file!

Remove unwanted calluses quickly and easily with our large, double-sided Pumi Foot File. Features synthetic Pumice to remove skin that is hard, cracked, dead, and dry without damaging healthy skin underneath. One side contains Pumice with ridges, other side contains black Coarse abrasive. Use to achieve beautiful, soft feet.

*All licensed professionals are recommended to follow the State Board requirements for sanitation and disease control when using Mr. Pumice-brand products. Please contact your State Board for guidelines.
Additional Information:

Features & Benefits:
  • The Original 10" combo foot file
  • Favorite Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar grit on one side, other side with black Coarse 100-grit abrasive
  • White contour-shaped handle for secure grip
  • Works well with with Mr. Pumice Callus Terminator to help soften and smooth rough feet
  • Individually wrapped
  • 4 assorted pastel colors