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The Neon Ball Brush

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Item No. TW-017

Style your hair in any direction with a simple twirl! The Neon Ball Brush is great for medium-long hair styles, and the spherical design allows for smooth, natural movement when rolling, twirling, flipping, feathering, or lifting the hair. Unlike traditional round brushes, Twirler brushes can be held comfortably, allowing you to reach every section of your head with ease.

Additional Information:

Achieve your ideal hairstyle with just one versatile brush!
No more painful tangles or fumbling with awkward brushes that don't do the job.

Features & Benefits:
  • Adds super lift at the roots
  • No flat spots due to patented spherical design
  • Adds extra volume and bounce
  • Twirls easily through the hair
  • Dries hair fast with ventilated design
  • Tangle-free styling

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