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Ultimate Pumi Bar

Item no. PB400-12

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Rid feet of tough calluses without the harsh abrasiveness of a traditional Pumice stone! The Ultimate Pumi Bar is a double-sided, 2-in-1 bar of dual coarseness that helps to achieve beautiful, ultra-soft feet (great for hands and elbows too!). Our custom formulation features synthetic frothed polyurethane and a sanitary solution to help prevent the unsanitary buildup of dead skin cells. This patented product produces a foot rasp with a uniform internal structure unlike any other. It’s a noticeable difference you can feel!

This product is designed for single-use. We do not endorse multiple client usage of our Pumice product.

*All licensed professionals are recommended to follow the State Board requirements for sanitation and disease control when using Mr. Pumice-brand products. Please contact your State Board for guidelines.
Additional Information:

Individually wrapped for customer confidence.
Antibacterial solution-safe. Non-toxic.

Features & Benefits:
  • Combination bar with Extra Coarse (purple) / Medium (lavender)
  • Smooths & softens for beautiful feet
  • Works well with Mr. Pumice Callus Terminator to help soften tough skin
  • Available in a 12 pc display